Virtual Web Hosting options

  • UNIX (on Sun Sparc or Ubuntu platforms)
  • Windows 2012 (on DELL Series)
Unix is an option which gives you more scalability and flexibility, but requires some additional effort to set it up and requires some basic UNIX experience.

Windows 2012 is easier to setup, but it gets slower when volume tends to grow up too quickly and may lack future manageability and scalability.

General Virtual Servers Characteristics

  • Anonymous Ftp Server
This allows you to distribute your programs using the sftp (secure file transfer protocol).
  • Web-based E-mail
Access each secure IMAP/POP Email account through any browser with our exclusive IMAP/POP Mail. Now you can travel and get your mail from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Unlimited traffic and transfers
Many Web host providers will give you a 1-2 GB per month traffic. After that limit, you'll start paying up for each 100 MB of traffic and this adds up fast. Think of just getting charged a 10 cents per each 100 MB of additional traffic. A Web page usually has about 100 kB.   So, if you have 20 pages, each of 100 kB that's 2 MB. So you reach 100 MB at every other 50 users that hit your site !

If your site is a busy one, you can hit roughly 1 milion hits a month, this means 1 milion pages loaded or 100 GB of data !   At the suggested charge, this translates into 100$ per month,   just for additional traffic charges...

At TCNet Express Communications we don't charge for traffic. We will however charge you only for intensive videostreaming traffic as this kills the bandwidth.
  • Perl, Python, Jython, C, C++ and Java Support
TCNet Express Communications offers a comprehensive set of HTML tools for your own Web page design as Perl, C, C++ and Java scripting.

You can write your own scripts or use some ready to run pre-installed scripts.  

TCNet Express Communications can register or transfer an existing domain name to be housed on our server, whether you have a web site or not. We can offer integrated services for your domain name so you can maintain a seamless image. For example, you can have the URL which points to your web site, for a FTP site, as an email, and you can check your email at

If you would like to just reserve a domain name for future use, or for domain name brokering, we can provide the DNS entries needed to register a domain name with Internic.

TCNet Express Communications offers email accounts to compliment your web site. If you have a domain name registered with TCNet Express Communications, your email account can include your domain name. If you have an existing email account elsewhere, we can create a virtual email account that forwards everything to your existing account.

Your email on TCNet's server can be checked with any POP3 compliant software, and soon, TCNet will offer the capability to check email through a private web page.

Also, each email account can have an unlimited number of alias. For example, you can have,, and all go into the same mailbox.

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